LLM+XAI Reading Group

In this reading group, each person presents a paper on a topic in LLMs or XAI that he or she wanted learn any way (since teaching is one of the best ways for learning). Preparing slides is not mandatory; one can just share the paper on a screen. The meetings will take place on Zoom.

I limited the scope of topic to LLMs and XAI, because

  1. They are (still) important (and 🔥)
  2. Limiting the scope allows us to focus and perhaps even collaborate on a paper.
  3. I like these topics

Potential topics would be:

LLM-related: LLM reasoning, LLMs and causality, LLM evaluation, LLM training, RLHF, RLAIF, applications of LLMs in robotics and other areas, explaining LLMs, LLMs as agents, new LLM architectures (e.g., state-space models), vision-language models (VLMs) …

XAI-related: Novel XAI methods (e.g., mechanistic interpretability), XAI evaluation, applications of XAI, explainable RL, LLMs for XAI, human-centered XAI, …

Upcoming Presentations

Time: Every Wednesday 2pm


Past Presentations