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I am a postdoctoral research associate in the Knowledge Technology Group, University of Hamburg.

I am interested in building robust neural architectures that generalize to new tasks while not forgetting previously learned knowledge by encouraging them to learn world models (i.e., causal relationships underlying the input data) and discouraging them from learning spurious correlations. The target domains are multimodal language learning and spatio-temporal reasoning and learning, where I employ explainability and neuro-symbolic integration to elucidate and facilitate learning world models.

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🎓 Education

  • Dr. rer. nat. in Computer Science, University of Bremen 🇩🇪 (2009–2013)
  • Visiting PhD student, North Carolina State University 🇺🇸 (2012)
  • Visiting PhD student, University at Buffalo 🇺🇸 (2011)
  • Diplom in Mathematics, University of Bremen 🇩🇪 (2003–2009)
  • DAAD exchange student, Seoul National University 🇰🇷 (2008)

📜 Selected Publications

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(Multimodal) Language Learning:

Explainable Artificial Intelligence:

Continual Learning

Neuro-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence:

Other Machine Learning Topics:

Spatio-Temporal Reasoning and Learning:

Multiagent Systems:

🏫 Recent Teaching Activities

  • Lecture on “Transformers and Crossmodal Learning”, University of Hamburg (2023) [Slides]
  • Supervisor, Neural Networks Seminar, University of Hamburg (2023)
  • Organizer, WISDUM Reading Group, Knowledge Technology, University of Hamburg (2023)
  • Supervisor, Bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence Seminar, University of Hamburg (2022)

🧑‍🎓 Thesis Supervision

  • Continual Learning for Language-Conditioned Robotic Manipulation, Lennart Bengtson, MSc (2023)
  • Multivariate Normal Methods in Pre-trained Models for Continual Learning, Hans Hergen Lehmann, BSc (2023) improved version submitted to a conference
  • Generalization of Transformer-Based Models on Visual Question Answering Tasks, Frederic Voigt, MSc (2023)
  • Improving Compositional Generalization By Learning Concepts Individually, Ramtin Nouri, MSc (2023)
  • Learning Concepts a Developmental Lifelong Learning Approach to Visual Question Answering, Ramin Farkhondeh, BSc (2022)
  • Benchmarking Faithfulness: Towards Accurate Natural Language Explanations in Vision-Language Tasks, Jakob Ambsdorf, MSc (2022), now PhD student at University of Copenhagen
  • Tackling The Binding Problem And Compositional Generalization In Multimodal Language Learning, Caspar Volquardsen, BSc (2021), ICANN 2022
  • Learning Bidirectional Translation Between Robot Actions and Linguistic Descriptions, Markus Heidrich, BSc (2021)
  • Using the Reformer for Efficient Summarization, Yannick Wehr, BSc (2020)
  • Generalization in Multi-Modal Language Learning from Simulation, Aaron Eisermann, BSc (2020), IJCNN 2021
  • Commonsense Validation and Explanation, Christian Rahe, BSc (2020)

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